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Mrs. Fields Cookies Co-Founder Does It Again


Park City Group, Inc. (OTC BB:PKCY) currently trading at approximately fifteen cents ($.15) is the extraordinary software developed by Randy Fields, Co-Founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies. Top named retailers have already recognized the benefits of using the Company's software: Victoria's Secret, The Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, Anheuser Busch Entertainment and Tesco Lotus (largest grocery chain world-wide) and added to this list in recent weeks, Kwik Trip Convenience Stores and WinCo Foods and the subject of today's press release Pacific Sunwear of California (SEE PRESS RELEASE).

  Why Consider Park City Group?

Volume and Price Show Strong Upward Momentum

  • PKCY World Wide Investor Awareness Program In Effect

  • PKCY Has Improved Revenues 94% in Second Quarter

  • PKCY Has Continued to Add Customers to Its Already Impressive List

  • PKCY Has a new Software Distributor who has signed a million dollar contract

  • PKCY Has Patents that Give Them Unique Blocking Control of Key Software Competitors

  • PKCY Has the Products that Help Customers Compete against Wal-Mart

  • PKCY Has Marquee Customers That Provide Sustained Revenue and Continue to Purchase More Products

  • PKCY Has a Been There and Done That Skill Set that Grew Mrs. Fields Cookies from 1 to 600 Stores

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