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At Investor Spec Sheet our goal is to present to investors unique and hard-to-find investment opportunities.  These companies feature what the speculative investor is looking for; cutting-edge technology, strong visionary management, a plan for success, and impressive growth potential.  Therefore, we label them "COMPANIES ON THE MOVE".

Liberty Star Gold Corporation (OTCBB: LBTS) is such a company.  Now is the time to take notice before the rest of Wall Street realizes its full potential.

BREAKING NEWS - Liberty Star Gold Announces Airborne Magnetic Survey Proceeding on Southwest Alaska Project

Recent Price (3/29/04) $1.84
Market Capitalization $69M
Shares Outstanding 37.5M
Float 4M
Daily Volume (3-month avg) 133.25K

With copper and gold prices climbing to new highs, Liberty Star

is exploring 153,000 acres bordering North America's

 largest copper deposit and second-largest gold deposit.

LIBERTY STAR GOLD CORPORATION (OTCBB: LBTS) began trading near the end of February and as a newly traded issue, is just becoming known to investors. We expect Liberty Star to attract much investor attention in the coming months as it continues to explore its recently staked large property position next to Northern Dynasty's (OTCBB: NDMLF, Vancouver: NDM) massive gold-copper pebble deposit in Alaska.  The property hosts the largest deposit of contained gold resources and second-largest deposit of contained copper resources in North America.

There is strong geological evidence to suggest the potential for a massive mineral discovery on the Company's claims. This effort is known as the "Big Chunk Project" and encompasses 153,000 acres in southwestern Alaska mineralized zone.

Liberty Star holds a huge land position (237 square miles; 153,000 acres) bordering the massive Pebble copper-gold-molybdenum deposit in southwestern Alaska. The Pebble property, hosts the largest deposit of contained gold resources (26.5 million ounces) and second-largest deposit of contained copper resources (16.5 billion pounds) in North America. As gold and copper prices approach or reach new highs for the year (and with many analysts predicting US$500 gold), Liberty Star is extremely well positioned to capitalize on this exciting bull market.

Liberty Star's claims cover an area roughly three times that of Northern Dynasty's, bordering it to the north and south, and include key geological features relating to the Pebble mineralization. More significant copper-gold discoveries are expected, and a major exploration program is already underway and will continue on the property through 2004 and beyond.

One of Liberty Star's key strengths is a management team with credentials rarely found in a junior company. This group has worldwide experience and success in exploration, development, mining and finance, and it includes Phillip St. George, the original discoverer of the massive Pebble deposit.

Jim Briscoe, P. Geo., is the Company's president and chairman. One of the chief founders of Liberty Star, Mr. Briscoe is credited with expanding porphyry copper reserves at Silver Bell, Arizona and identifying major gold deposits in the Randsburg District in California. He was also instrumental in the discovery of the large McDermitt open-pit mercury mine in Nevada, and he co-discovered and co-owned the Wind Mountain gold-silver mine, also in Nevada.

Dr. John Guilbert, a director of Liberty Star, currently holds the position of Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona. Dr Guilbert is a world-renowned and award winning geologist & author. He is the co-developer of the Lowell-Guilbert porphyry copper model, and recipient of mining's two most prestigious awards back-to-back (R. A. F. Penrose Medal and the D. C. Jackling Award).

Phillip St. George is the Company's vice-president of exploration. He has extensive experience with major mining companies in Alaska, particularly with moving grass-roots projects into operating mines. He discovered the Pebble Deposit while working for Cominco (before Pebble was sold to Northern Dynasty). He spent 5 years expanding Pebble and drilled out 500 million tons of ore grade material. Additionally, he has managed exploration and/or operating programs for the Cominco Red Dog Mine, Placer Dome's Gaines Creek Project and the Phelps-Dodge Chino porphyry copper mine, New Mexico. Mr. St George was also instrumental in the financial and technical aspects of developing and drilling out NovaGold's massive Donlin Creek disseminated open pit gold mine, which is now under construction.

Key Points to Consider

  • Biggest Claim Staking Event in Alaskan History

All of Liberty Star's claims, known as the Big Chunk property, were staked by helicopter in December of 2003. It was the largest, one-event block of State mineral land staking in Alaska's history. The ground was strategically selected because it contained the large, volcanic caldera that is believed to be the source of the Pebble deposit's copper and gold. Deposits of this type almost always occur in clusters, and it is foreseen that more large deposits remain to be discovered along this caldera. Many of these discoveries shall occur within Liberty Star's strategically positioned claim holdings.

  • Multiple, Large-scale Deposits

The Pebble deposit is also believed to be one of the largest alteration zones of its kind in the world and comparable to the world's most significant copper-gold porphyry districts-all of which contain multiple, large-scale deposits. Four new porphyry discoveries were announced in the Pebble alteration zone outside of the original discovery in 2003, which is consistent with these types of districts.

  • Staking Preceded by Exhaustive Research

The Big Chunk claims were staked following exhaustive research by Liberty Star's exploration and engineering team. This work included map imagery interpretation, geomorphology (study of land forms), geologic compilation, structural interpretation and the previous intimate study and knowledge of other porphyry systems.

  • Well-located Near Infrastructure

Liberty Star's ground is well-located near infrastructure and year-round ice-free tidewater on the Pacific Ocean. Mineralization in this area occurs near surface in an area of gentle topography and low elevations.

  • Large-scale Exploration Underway

Liberty Star's 2004 exploration program is well underway, beginning with a large-scale aeromagnetic survey of the Big Chunk ground. This low-level, fixed-wing survey will cover about 1,408 square miles with 11,185 miles (about 18,000 km) of flight line. Phillip St. George, who discovered the Pebble deposit while working for Cominco (which later vended the Pebble project to Northern Dynasty), is supervising the project for Liberty Star.

  • Next Phase: IP and Geochemical Surveys

Following geophysical and geologic analysis of the detailed aeromagnetic data (along with geology), additional exploration work will be planned. To some extent, the next phase will be dependant on results from the previous phase. It is expected, however, that additional geophysics-most likely ground based electrical geophysics (Induced Polarization/IP)-will be run, as IP was extremely effective on the Pebble deposit.

From the above-described work, along with subsequent phases, the Company expects to locate one or more large, porphyry gold-copper-molybdenum mineral zones similar to the Pebble deposit (and other deposits discovered to date in the Pebble zone).

Liberty Star anticipates making a number of periodic announcements detailing the progress of this program. Now is a good time to take a closer look at Liberty Star Gold Corporation and make an investment before discoveries and announcements are made public.

To learn more, please visit Liberty Star Gold Corporation's web site at


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